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Welcome Paul Emile in the Connecthings’ Team!

Connecthings is delighted to welcome Paul-Emile Saab to its management team. Paul-Emile will be leading our development in the UK and also be our VP for Partnership & Marketing. In this role, he will reinforce the company focus on taking to mobile applications publishers the same unique combination of location intelligence, award-winning tech and software […]

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Chains with large networks think increasingly of « phygital » – N. Derab – Director of Sales – French Market

What do you highlight for 2017 in terms of market trends in Europe? Chains with large networks think increasingly of the « phygital »  (physical store, digital action) to bring an innovative client experience (for example Vente Privée, Fnac, Youfid). These brands look for partners that will help them, one, to measure the ROI in […]

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Emerging opportunities in mobility services are very promising – A. Chevailler VP Sales Europe

What do you highlight for 2017 in terms of market trends in Europe? Connecthings’ activity navigates between the smart city market and the mobility market, two areas that are intertwined. First and foremost, 2017 was all about autonomous vehicles, dockless electric bikes, scooter sharing services, drone taxis etc… These new technologies emerge in either a prolific or more experimental way, but the common […]

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There is a very strong Smart City evolution toward calls for innovations – LA. Batard-Dupré VP Sales North America

What would you highlight for 2017 in terms of market trends in the US ? The highlight is without hesitation the booming of service offers in the transport industry: dockless bike-share, electric car-sharing, dockless electric scooters. The autonomous vehicle has also received a lot the news: Waymo self-driving car (ex. Google car), Uber, Tesla truck, etc. Additionally, […]

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New, Major Functionalities with AdTag 5.6

The new version of ADTAG now includes new, major functionalities to allow our clients (municipalities, transport authorities, airports, shopping malls…) to massively manage hundreds of thousands of beacons, always with maximum contextualization and individualization. A year ago, we added Bluetooth beacons to our IoT AdTag platform. Since then, we led a continuous stream of works […]

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Connecthings Corp. is now up and running from New York City!

“It’s very exciting to wish you all a happy New Year from our brand new office in New York City” says Laetitia Gazel Anthoine, CEO and Founder of Connecthings. “This is a major step to fulfill our promise to build the global network of the Internet of Public Things. I’m leading the development of Connecthings […]

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Welcome Sandrine Murcia, Global Director for Strategic Partnerships & Marketing @connecthings

Sandrine Murcia joins Connecthings to lead global strategic partnerships & marketing programs. Before Connecthings, Sandrine was Google’s Director of Marketing in Europe in charge of Consumer Products & Customers Acquisition Strategy. Recently, Sandrine was co-founder of Spring Lab, consultancy agency specialized in innovation & digital transformation. « I’m thrilled to join Connecthings, an innovative company which […]

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