• Our platform

    Our SaaS platform enables our clients to easily create and manage contextual information aimed at mobile user evolving in the urban environment.

    Define points of interests or areas you want to monitor for users activity or your app usage in the physical world (e. g. around train stations, bus stops or bike docks, outside big companies, malls or tourism sites, public parks, your competitor’s main venues, whatever could help your strategies), access dashboards and reports providing you with deep insights and configure contextualized notification campaigns that truly engage your users!


Multi Technology

Seamless integration of our SDK in your applications to geolocalise in real time your users


“Map-centric” interfaces to easily geolocate connected points and create your own areas and points of interest


Manageability of large numbers of points of interest with associated contextualized content


Multi-technology and scalable, you’ll use the technology that best suits your location needs


Visualize at a glance your application usage data, improve your services, and increase mobile engagement


Native privacy management


Connecthings’ Mobile SDK allows applications to geolocate with our entire network of contactless beacon technologies and any point of interest or larger area defined through our platform in a map. Once our software development kit is integrated in your app and you have the agreement of your users, the application will obtain data on their location and behavior in the city and you could improve your service accordingly.

Connecthings’ MOBILE SDK enables you to configure the type of actions to be launched when your application interacts with Bluetooth beacons. These settings are defined thanks to various available variables and methods.

Our Developers Center contains our MOBILE SDK documentation library, which includes all the parameters and methods that will enable you to implement the user experience that fits your needs (user friendliness, information-push, marketing operations…).


Connecthings’ MOBILE SDK is available for iOS and Android platforms.