The Power of
Augmented Location

For Mobile Apps

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is the augmented location platform

Our technology helps you understand the context
of your mobile app users - in real-time - so you can
develop useful and quality engagement with them

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More than
just a pin
on a map

Augmented location
gives the right user context.

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App usage & behaviors

Understand how context
drives the usage of your app
and identify meaningful user moments.

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User mapping & visualization

Leverage location insights
to optimize the user experience
and enhance your services.



Contextual Engagement

Engage users in real-time
when the moment is right.


We were GDPR-compliant
before GDPR existed

Working with clients as “exposed” as cities since 2007,
we have never taken privacy lightly!

We collect app-based location data on an opt-in basis only.
Users can easily change their preferences and request for their information to be deleted, at any time.
The data we collect is exclusively aimed at improving the app for your users.
We constantly share best practices with our clients and assist with implementing them.
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Mobile apps come in all shapes & sizes

Herow by Connecthings is unique
and works amazingly with all
of them. And more.

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a pioneer and leader in contextual engagement.

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years bridging the gap between the digital and physical worlds
based on the precision of our location and geofencing capabilities
location intelligence platform with deep knowledge
of the city fabric