• What we do

    Our Internet of Things solutions enable municipalities and their partners (transport and transit authorities, local commerce, tourist office…) to efficiently field contactless beacons in the public space and manage hyper-contextualized, dynamic interactions between mobile users and their smartphones.

    With our award winning, SaaS, platform ADTAG, you will efficiently plan and optimize smartphone interactions – strengthening the usefulness of your existing digital mobile services.



Transform urban physical assets into mobile connected experiences

Bus stops, bike-sharing stations, public lighting, park benches…our connected solutions turn these passive physical assets into smart, urban objects able to interact with mobile users in bringing contextualized, high value added information.

Connecthings allows you to « give a voice » to street furniture (and many more!) via mobile pages or specific app notifications, such as:

  • At bus stop : dynamic, informative contents e.g: « Line 1: the bus to the Opera is coming in 2 mins »
  • Locate near-by multimodal transport alternatives
  • From street furniture: Access to near-by, relevant tourist information directly in the mobile user’s native language
  • From street furniture: Access to near-by, useful everyday life information such as nearest hospital


Boost engagement and efficiency of your mobile transport services

With augmented contextualization and personalization, your transport mobile services deliver better relevancy and efficiency to travelers.
From our platform ADTAG, you design a complete and relevant mobile user experience based on state-of-the-art contactless technologies. Both current and new users benefit from the ease of use of your mobile services.

  • When approaching a bus stop, screen notifications about when the next bus is coming or how long the wait is for a given bus
  • Inform about temporary transport service discontinuation such as work on a given bus line, roadblock…
  • Traveler information about flights, transportation to/from the airport, duty free…
  • Orientate travelers and visitors within the airport


Increase the allure of your city to residents and visitors

Developing innovative mobile services with high added value gives tangible foundations to municipalities embracing the smart city vision.
Once connected, cities propose an attractive environment of services, designed to facilitate the everyday life. To note, the same mobile services also become accessible to tourists and visitors in their native language.

  • Geolocate multi-modal transport alternatives at one given location (bus stops, bike-sharing stations…)
  • In the immediate vicinity: cultural and historic information, tourist tours, local commerce, events…


Foster relevant mobile interactions with your users

Based on the powerful combination of geolocation and temporality, your mobile users experience a truly contextualized and personalized service. With ADTAG we provide you with an award-winning Saas, platform that allows you to easily manage your contextualized contents: mobile pages, notifications, app interaction (app opening…). You define precisely the mobile experience to associate to all contactless technologies fielded in the urban space.

In addition, from ADTAG, you measure in real time the engagement results of your interactions with your users.

  • Timely contextualized notifications, based on time of the day, weekday…or any other time metrics relevant to your needs
  • Dynamic, informative contents based on data streams, such as: “: « Line 1: the bus to the Opera is coming in 2 mn »
  • Notify about temporary service discontinuation


Connect and animate your communities of retailers and affiliates

Via our platform ADTAG, airports and shopping center operators directly manage the contextualized notifications and contents towards their visitors via their specific airport or shopping mall app and mobile pages.

In addition, their retailers and affiliates can also access ADTAG to define and manage directly their own information or marketing push campaigns, based on the beacons fielded in the airport or shopping center.

  • Brick and Click retailers
  • Mobile-to-store marketing campaigns
  • Multi-channel retention programs
  • Increase your marketing reach in renting additional beacons’ networks located in the immediate vicinity of the shopping center
  • Measure engagement of visitors and consumers


Stimulate new digital uses and services with your ecosystem’s innovators

Deployed in urban spaces, the Bluetooth beacons’ networks form an innovation infrastructure available to innovators, start-ups, inhabitants…to inspire and boost new mobile services.

  • Developers, start-ups, & app publishers can access the beacons’ networks to test and launch innovative apps and mobile services.
  • Grant privileged access to the beacons’ networks on the occasion of hackathons, barcamps…
  • Provide an on-going test & learn environment to improve products and services