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    Connecthings boosts Smart City policies of municipalities and their partners, by implementing innovative solutions in the transport, tourism, and trade sectors.

    Connecthings has deployed over 130,000 contactless beacons in more than 60 cities across Europe and in Rio de Janeiro.
    By activating the synergies between the physical urban world and their digital services, our mobile solutions enable our clients to bring the right information to their users, at the right time.


Public Transport

With Connecthings’ CONNECTED PUBLIC TRANSPORT service offering, at every stop or station, your mobile users immediately access their transport schedule in real-time, along with relevant news and information on the status of your transit network – regardless of which contactless technology they interact with (Bluetooth, NFC, QR code, Wi-Fi).


Connected city

The urban space contains countless passive objects – street furniture, public lighting, public transit stops, bike-sharing stations… – that, once connected, turn into smart, interactive points, able to communicate with residents’ and visitors’ smartphones.

Thanks to the network of connected urban points, users in mobility situations can receive hyper-contextualized, proximity-based, relevant notifications, improving their everyday life – or visiting experience in the City (proximity services and businesses, tourist and cultural information).



Discover how you can improve your passenger and visitor information services, to increase accessibility and wayfinding around the airport. By leveraging different contactless technologies, you can boost usage and engagement around your applications and mobile services, and thereby increase the value of your solutions for your visitors.

Your retailers and affiliates can also leverage the network of contactless beacons deployed in/around the airport. Thanks to the ADTAG platform, they can also define and manage their own specific, targeted messages through their own mobile applications.


Shopping centers

With ADTAG – our beacon and contextualized content management platform -, and the on-site deployment of Bluetooth beacons, Shopping Center administrators can boost usage and engagement around their applications, and target both on-site and near-by shoppers.

ADTAG also enables retailers, franchisees and affiliates to leverage the network of deployed beacons and increase their audience on promotional campaigns, within and in close proximity of the shopping center.



One of the key advantages of deploying a network of Bluetooth beacons in stadiums is to provide visitors with a personalized, engaging, and event-driven mobile experience, with a view to increasing on-site overall satisfaction.

In addition, interactions with Bluetooth beacons are great tools to better understand stadium traffic flows, and therefore to engage in a continuous improvement approach for visitor experience and satisfaction.

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