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13 February 2019

Rob Unsworth and Pascal Ehrsam will drive growth strategies following the company’s release of its new augmented location platform Herow

NEW YORK- Connecthings announced the appointment of Robert Unsworth as Chief Revenue Officer and Pascal Ehrsam as Chief Brand Officer. The executive team expansion follows the company’s successful launch of its augmented location solution Herow last year, which continues to drive momentum in both the U.S. and European markets.

There is an increasing demand for mobile application marketers and developers to create personalized experiences that foster engagement, which can only be met with location technology that incorporates context and behavior. Our latest innovation, Herow, is an ideal solution to fill this need, and that is accelerating interest and adoption,” said Connecthings CEO Laetitia Gazel Anthoine. “We look forward to leveraging Robert and Pascal’s expertise in global sales and branding for mobile technology in order to create growth strategies that capitalize on this momentum and foster long-term success.”

R. Unsworth as CRO

Unsworth’s experience in mobile technology and global sales leadership spans nearly 15 years. Notably, he developed the U.S. market for a popular news content app before the company’s acquisition by Cheetah Mobile in 2016. He remained with the company under new ownership to build a business development team that secured and fostered media content partnerships in the Americas Region. At Connecthings, Unsworth is creating growth strategies for existing and new markets to accelerate the global deployment and adoption of Herow. Splitting his time between the U.S. corporate offices and the company’s headquarters in Paris, France, he will also manage worldwide sales teams.

P. Ehrsam as CBO

Based in New York, Ehrsam brings nearly two decades of marketing and branding experience, specializing in go-to-market strategies for high-potential startups and technology companies. As CMO, he guided brand strategy and marketing implementation across all platforms and channels for a variety of startups in fintech, health tech, real estate tech and HR tech. At Connecthings, Ehrsam is advancing the company’s brand in the U.S. and global markets as well as developing and optimizing growth and product strategies, in order to drive customer acquisition, engagement and profitability.

Was published originally on Business Wire

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