16 April 2016

The Physical Web is Google’s new way of interacting with connected objects.

A “Physical Web” object emits a URL that triggers an interaction through a Physical Web application.

The Physical Web is the new QR Code, with two major benefits:

  • Physical Web URLs are smartly pushed to a user’s device:
    • no need to open the application to receive notifications
    • no need to flash a tag
  • The Physical Web has a very wide reach, as it is now natively integrated in the Android OS, and part of the Chrome application on iOS (increasingly used)

What Physical Web-compatible objects already exist?

Bluetooth beacons are currently the main objects that work with the Physical Web. They are made Physical Web-compliant by emitting an Eddystone-URL.

Where can I find a Physical Web application?

The main Physical Web applications today are Google Chrome on iOs, and Google Nearby on Android.

Opera and Firefox have announced that they will integrate this technology as well.

In addition, you can already find many others Physical Web applications on the Play Store and the App Store.

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