Our Smart City & IoT Business Unit is the hub for all our activities around smarter urban living & mobility, connected public transport and more broadly all connected public places such as airports, train stations, museums, malls, campus, etc.

Since 2007, we have been contributing to the digital transformation of cities, providing relevant information to citizens and simplifying their daily lives thanks to greater connectivity between the physical and digital world.

We are an international reference for Smart Cities - with projects in more than 60 cities - and have built a strong expertise in location technologies while fully respecting users’ privacy.

We have won 16 awards in the categories of smart city & mobility.


FOR better CITy living

Thanks to our location technologies and our Internet of Public Things platform, mobile applications can easily engage with their users while on the move, offering relevant and timely notifications.

Our Internet of Public Things platform links your assets (bus stop, metro station, vehicles, places…) to the associated data in order to offer mobile applications the ability to be triggered instantaneously when it is relevant for yours users. When people are near the bus stop, they can for instance automatically obtain real-time notification on bus schedules as well as traffic alerts in case of delays.

Our platform allows companies and the local tech community to harness the power of the Industrial Internet and develop new applications to solve city challenges and engage with citizens.

Cities easily estimate affluences, waiting times and frequencies during a day and improve their services to citizens.

We also help people who are blind or visually impaired


Connecthings is very proud to be the first company to have rolled out smart stickers and thus redefined the way citizens access public information and easily interact with their city.
The use of contactless tags in strategic places in the city, as well as our powerful intelligent location platform to manage them, allow people to receive hyper-contextualized, proximity-based, relevant information that make for richer and smarter city experiences.

No searching, no downloading required, no waste of time.
Simply by touching a smart poster, people immediately get on their mobile the information they are expecting: at a bus stop, it can be for instance when the next bus is coming or if a shared bike is available around them.

People often use the word "magic" to describe their first experience with our solution.
Near-field-communication, known as NFC, or QR-code are both very intuitive technologies. What could be smoother than touching an object to make it talk?

We create touch points that provide unique context-based mobile information, depending on the time & date, location, street furniture, mobile type, user language, etc.

Citizens can interact with smart posters through NFC or by scanning QR codes. It allows to fully connect the public spaces and objects to relevant digital data that was invisible before.

Intelligent location solutions for indoor venues

In shopping malls, train or subway stations, airports, stadiums, events and conferences… Discover how you can improve the information provided to visitors or passengers and increase accessibility and wayfinding around any indoor venues through your app. By leveraging different contactless technologies, you can boost usage and engagement around your application and mobile services, and thereby increase the value of your services. In addition, interactions with contactless tags are great tools to better understand traffic flows, and therefore engage in a continuous improvement approach for visitor experience and satisfaction.



“Connecthings innovative solution will allow us to create new ways of interactions between our BLQ Bologna application and the dozens of installed, connected beacons within the airport – hence improving our customers’ dedicated information services.”

IT & Innovation Manager,
Bologna Airport


“The attractiveness of Connecthings’ innovative solution is very strong with our travelers. The solution works out as many virtual Info-Points supplementing smartly our existing, physical Info-Points.”

Director, Urban Transportation Network Management
ligues d'azur

“Connecthings is definitely a key partner of Régie Ligne d’Azur to support our digital innovation and development strategy”

Guillaume ROSETTI
Sales & Digital Innovation Director,
Régie Ligne d’Azur