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The Secret Weapon of Winning Apps

Customize your environment,
make herow yours

product environment

Define locations that have value for your business through places, circular zones and polygonal zones.

map features

Create areas of interest by drawing directly on the map, uploading csv files, or choosing from our libraries.

map feature methods

Defining zones and places of interest allows you to gather user insights and create custom engagement in specific areas.

Unlock new dimensions
of user insights

product user insights

See your users on a global heatmap

Understand where your app is being used with the active/inactive filter

Filter key metrics by time periods or geographic zones

Access zone-specific metrics: dwell time, # zone entries/exits

Our analytics tools give you both real-time and historical data so you can make fully-informed business decisions at every step

Use triggers for
upgraded experiences

product experiences

Program campaigns directly from our platform without touching your code

Create notification campaigns or provide silent “tags” to your applications to trigger custom in-app actions and content

Activate engagement in zones and places that you’ve predefined

Add contextual criteria: weather, transit schedules and more

From content creation to analytics, every aspect of a campaign can be managed from herow platform.

Want to see augmented location for yourself?

Our demo app allows you to test our technology - in real life and without commitment.

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