New, Major Functionalities with AdTag 5.6

4 February 2016

The new version of ADTAG now includes new, major functionalities to allow our clients (municipalities, transport authorities, airports, shopping malls…) to massively manage hundreds of thousands of beacons, always with maximum contextualization and individualization.

A year ago, we added Bluetooth beacons to our IoT AdTag platform. Since then, we led a continuous stream of works to fine tune the integration of these new and very promising type of beacons. Our development efforts resulted in crafting state-of-the-art management tools both in terms of user experience and technical functionalities.

With AdTag 5.6, it is now easier to set up differentiated content of apps notifications and actions, across several applications having integrated our Mobile SDK to interact with one given beacon. As a result, a set of different applications attached to a precise location/territory (e.g transport, cultural, tourist applications related to a given city or area) can now interact with all bluetooth beacons deployed across the territory and still propose specific user experiences while in mobility.

« With AdTag 5.6, we keep improving our platform ability to manage large amount of connected points and their related data/infos” highlights Jean-Noël Barneron, Connecthings Chief Product Officer. « Our product improvements are directly inspired by the user feedbacks we constantly gathered from our clients and partners. We aim at building a platform both intuitive and efficient, helping our clients to focus their resources on maximizing their customers’ experience – and not on technology.”

The functionality  « My Connected Points Cart » now available in AdTag 5.6 illustrates our product motto as it allows the platform user, on the basis of its own selection of connected points, to execute simple and basic actions such as “create a beacon network” (2 clicks), update redirects (1 click) or easily apply complex smart redirects.

To note : AdLinker, our proprietary application for beacons deployment and maintenance is now entirely integrated in AdTag 5.6. The settings of AdLinker are administrated directly from AdTag via application profiles.

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