Connecthings Partners With Growth Marketing Platform Iterable

12 March 2019

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Connecthings is proud to announce it is now integrating with Iterable, bringing app marketers and developers the ability to personalize their users’ experiences across channels leveraging Herow’s location intelligence platform.

Iterable is a growth marketing platform that enables brands to create, execute and optimize campaigns to power world-class customer engagement across different channels (email, push, SMS, in-app…). Their offer is based on five key components of successful customer experience, such as audience identification, flexible data integration, lifecycle campaign composition, behavior-based personalization and performance optimization with insights.

The partnership between Iterable and our location-based mobile application solution, Herow, will enable Iterable customers to create location-based user segments and trigger tailored messages, when the context and the timing is right for each user.

What does a partnership between Iterable and Herow enable?

● Reach customers when they are most likely to engage: trigger targeted messages to users when the moment is right for each of them to engage, such as when they depart from their home or their work location (Herow algorithms can guess efficiently the home and work and other frequently visited place for each user).

● Reach customers when they enter or depart a geo-zone previously defined on Herow dashboard. Geo-zones can be set up wherever users might be engaged, typically own venue locations, a competitor’s store location or a particular type of POI (train station, airports, parks, etc.). Herow dashboard offers a wealth of options and tools to manage these zones at scale.

You can read more about the integration in our documentation here or on the Iterable website here.

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