Connecthings Corp. is now up and running from New York City!

14 January 2016

“It’s very exciting to wish you all a happy New Year from our brand new office in New York City” says Laetitia Gazel Anthoine, CEO and Founder of Connecthings. “This is a major step to fulfill our promise to build the global network of the Internet of Public Things. I’m leading the development of Connecthings Corp., from New York and building the US team to support our plan. This is a long term investment and it demonstrates how serious and committed Connecthings is to deploy its open beacons platform in the US specifically, but also in North & South Americas.”

Connecthings has already strong contacts in New York, where it won in March ’15 the prestigious App Quest 3.0 organized by the New York State’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority. “We have received in the past year many requests and invitations from top US metropoles and large municipalities – adds Gazel Anthoine – Being now physically in the US will be tremendously helpful to support our expansion.”

Connecthings connects the urban, passive physical world to relevant digital content, making objects active and enabling them to communicate directly with the citizens’ smartphones. Connecthings’ platform is open for cities, transport, brands. And most important, it is open to a larger ecosystem of innovators, developers who are now shaping the next generation of smart city services.


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