Chains with large networks think increasingly of « phygital » – N. Derab – Director of Sales – French Market

28 December 2017

  1. What do you highlight for 2017 in terms of market trends in Europe?

Chains with large networks think increasingly of the « phygital »  (physical store, digital action) to bring an innovative client experience (for example Vente Privée, Fnac, Youfid).

These brands look for partners that will help them, one, to measure the ROI in a precise manner and with engagement logics and customer acquisition. Two, to understand visitor flows (recurrence, time passed at sales point, transit history…). Three, to personalize and individualize messages to the geolocation of their clients.

The new mobility players have a start up profile and are in most case supported by a larger advisor group in the sector: Wazeup for example (accompanied by RATP) or IDVroom (accompanied by SNCF).

2017 saw the spring of these new mobility actors that all have a common goal for 2018: to build a true community around their mobile application.


  1. What were the milestones attained by Connecthings in 2017?

The acceleration of our beacon network deployment in France (Aix-en-Provence, Angers, Montpellier, Paris) allows us to offer a wide national coverage of urban traffic areas. Our clients, mobile app publishers, are very interested by the analysis of user behaviours in their service, throughout our coverage, and in real-time.

Moreover, these publishers have strong ambitions for their development abroad. Our presence in Europe (Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal), but also in Brazil and the United States, is a tremendous asset for our collaborations.


  1. What are your perspectives for 2018?

To be the preferred partner of actors in the French mobility sector!

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