Create laser-focus messaging

With AR-MEN, you combine the performance of geolocation and contextualisation to design effective user-centric notification campaigns. Leveraging weather conditions or bus arrival times. In close proximity of places of interest, train stations or shops in the city.

Take advantage of new interaction opportunities

Beacons awake your mobile application even when closed. Our AR-MEN beacon network is deployed in public spaces, train stations, public venues, airports…all environments where your users on the move need to access your information right on time.

Increase your business intelligence

Your mobile users browse the city non-stop. AR-MEN helps you better understand the usage of your mobile application in the city – hence to improve the relevancy of your moments of interaction.

Make it happen in 2 steps. Only.

Make it happen in 2 steps. Only.

Choose the beacon networks you want your mobile application to interact with. Register the mobile application.

You will instantly receive the technical credentials necessary to quickly configure your mobile application. We also provide you with access to AR-MEN service to start prepare your campaigns right away.

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