10 October 2018

To accompany the official release of Herow, the Connecthings mobile team is proud to announce the official release of the 4.0 version SDK!

Here are the main change logs:

  • New geofence detection module to detect the virtual geofence zone created on Herow. The Beacon detection module is still operational.
  • New algorithms to manage the location readings accuracy and frequency depending on proximity with a geofence zone, allowing for minimization of battery consumption.
  • The SDK generates local native notifications and in-app actions when a user enters a Geofence zone created on the Herow platform.
  • The SDK is 100% connected to the Herow platform (zones, campaigns, analytics, etc.).

The SDK performance has been benchmarked against leading Geofencing solutions and results are strong. We observe better detections success with a large range of devices (iOS and Android) on all sizes of geofence zones (50, 100, 300 and 500 radius meters), with equivalent consumption battery.

The SDK is GDPR compliant, find out more about privacy in the “Being compliant with GDPR” section of our documentation.

–> Click on this link to update!

–> Click on this link to discover our solution with the Herow Demo App which integrates the SDK 4.0

We look forward to your feedback!

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