19 December 2017

The Connecthings Dev Team is proud to announce the launch of 3.0 version of our Mobile SDK.

— Wait, wait, wait, you say 3.0 but the last version was the 2.8. Am I right?


— So, this means it is a major version, isn’t it?

You are right.

— A major version… Let me think. Developers like to break things. Did you break things?

Yes and No.

— Yes and No, that’s not an answer. What do you mean?

We keep the main concepts, but re-work them, in term of definitions and architecture.

The SDK has been re-build around the concepts of push detection and actions.

The push detection module included in the 3.0 version is a beacon detection module. Please note that our R&D team is working hard and be sure that additional push detection technologies will be added soon.

The actions module has been built on top of the detection module, using distinct two interfaces in order to create a strong separation between the detection module and the action module:

  • InProximityInForeground interface allows an application to be notified about the adtag places in proximity when the application is in foreground.
  • InProximityInBackground interface allows an application to be notified about the adtag places in proximity when the application is in background.

The actions module includes:

  • In-App Actions – oldly called “alert”: In-app Actions are actions/messages triggered on a user’s phone when the application is active in foreground and match the configured conditions on the the AdTag platform.
  • Notifications: Notifications are local native notifications that the SDK generates when in proximity with a place registered on the AdTag platform or the Ar-Men platform. When the user is out of range of the place, the SDK automatically cancels the notification.

The Ar-Men platform is a context-aware platform to realize advanced notification campaign over the Connecthings Beacons Networks that we invite you to discover. Thanks to the Ar-Men platform, you can lively communicate with your users depending on their location, the weather in the city, the waiting time at a bus stop…

In additions, the actions module offers new opportunities to our partners to create their own set of actions, with an limited cost of integration.

Connecthings will be proud to promote to its clients these additional sets of actions which enrich the user experience and make our cities smarter.

If you are interesting in making your app interacting with the largest public beacon network, don’t wait any more! Contact us.

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