Join Connecthings at the first ever European App Economy Congress in Milano (4-6 December)

For the first time in Europe, protagonists of the App Economy will convene to discuss the app world and how it has changed our lives. AppShow will focus on the innovation and new business models being generated by the app industry – acting as a European hub for players, business customers, investors and users in order to support the development of new professionals, promote the latest market innovations, and test the tastes and trends of everyday users.

Not just an event for professionals, but also a huge European showcase open to the general public : the visitors will browse, experiment, create and even interact with the novelties presented.

« Connected citizens report traffic, road hazards, road conditions, and weather conditions. Trash cans, sensors, traffic lights, street cars collect information. These data are then gathered, analyzed, and given back to local administrations. Many cities are now turned into « smart cities », by using solutions already at the cutting edge of technological and logistics implementation” says David Victor, Sales Manager Italy, Connecthings.

On Wednesday 6 December, D. Victor will participate in the conference « Smart Solutions for Smart Cities » with Moovit, Italtel, Milano City and Saragossa City – @10.15 am.